Presentations and Recommended Resources

The JSC site includes a list of presentations on RDA given by members of the JSC, the RDA Outreach Group, and other people connected to the development of RDA. Many of the presentations listed there include links to the files.


Library and Archives Canada RDA Thematic Seminar April 28, 2016 Agenda

Bibliothéque et Archives Canada Séminaire thématique RDA 28 avril 2016 Ordre du jour

RDA: next steps in its evolution
RDA : les prochaines étapes de son évolution
Presenter: Chris Oliver, University of Ottawa, Université d'Ottawa

Creating a vision, strategy and new governance model to support the development of RDA
Créer une vision, une stratégie et un nouveau modèle de gouvernance pour soutenir le développement de RDA
Presenter: Simon Berney-Edwards, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP)

Update from the director of RDA Toolkit
Une mise à jour du directeur de ‘RDA Toolkit’
Presenter: Jamie Hennelly, ALA Publishing

RDA and semantic data
(English only)
Presenter: Gordon Dunsire, Chair RDA Steering Committee

The next stage in our bibliographic models: FRBR-LRM
Prochaine évolution de nos modèles bibliographiques : FRBR-LRM
Presenter: Pat Riva, Concordia University

Canadian Library Association Pre-conference 2014

Ontario Library Association Super Conference 2014

Pre-Conference workshops

Cataloguing serials & integrating resources with RDA
Presenters: Alexandra Gregory, University of Ottawa Library and Emma Cross, Carleton University Library.
Wednesday January 29, 2014. 9:00am to 12 noon. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

Cataloguing integrating resources with RDA by Emma Cross

Cataloguing video & audio with RDA.
Presenters: Emma Cross, Carleton University Library and Joanne Paterson, Western University Library
Wednesday January 29, 2014. 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.

Cataloguing video resources with RDA by Emma Cross

RDA and audio: getting to know RDA for sound recordings by Joanne Paterson

Example: CD audio by Joanne Paterson

Example: streaming audio by Joanne Paterson

Conference sessions

Implementing RDA at your Library
Presenter: Adam Baron, Concordia University Library
January 30, 2014

RDA and electronic resources.
Presenter: Thomas Brenndorfer, Guelph Public Library
January 30, 2014

OLA Super Conference 2013

Pre-Conference workshops

Cataloguing non-book materials with RDA by Emma Cross and Thomas Brenndorfer

An RDA roadmap by Thomas Brenndorfer

Examples: cataloguing non-books materials with RDA by Emma Cross

Exercises: cataloguing non-books materials with RDA

Conference sessions

RDA implementation by Chris Oliver

RDA : The [Pen]ultimate Cataloguing Experience by Christopher Carr

Poster presentation

Getting ready for RDA: a modular approach to training library staff by Emma Cross

CLA 2012 Annual Conference

The benefits of RDA for library users
RDA, the cataloguer, and the user: a new direction by Thomas Brenndorfer
Resource description and access: connecting users and resources by Christopher Carr

BCLA 2012 Annual Conference

When worlds collide : preparing OPACs for RDA records by Linda Woodcock

CLA 2011 Annual Conference

Visualizing RDA, by Thomas Brenndorfer
Preparing for transition by Chris Oliver
Linked data and the implications for library cataloguing, by Gordon Dunsire

APLA 2011 Annual Conference

Cataloguing on the edge: emerging standards for bibliographic data, by Trina Grover

BCLA 2011 Annual Conference

Moving ahead with RDA by Linda Woodcock

CLA Montreal Chapter March 9th, 2011: RDA for Non-cataloguers

What is RDA and why do I need to know? by Chris Oliver

OLA 2011 Superconference (Pre-conference)

Session: Resource, Description and Access (RDA): What you need to know
RDA: a quick introduction, by Chris Oliver
The FRBR-RDA puzzle: putting the pieces together, by Thomas Brenndorfer
Recording attributes of manifestations, items, works & expressions, by Marcia Salmon
Identifying persons, corporate bodies; Relationships, by Alison Hitchens
RDA training and implementation, by Ellen Symons and Alison Hitchens

CLA 2010 Annual Conference

Session: The Future of Resource Discovery: Promoting Resource Discovery with Improved Metadata
RDA: a new standard supporting resource discovery, by Tom Delsey PPTX
Preparing for the Next Generation of Resource Discovery Tools Using eXtensible Catalog Software, by Jennifer Bowen PPTX

See also presentation files from the TSIG-sponsored RDA preconferences on the TSIG wiki.

BCLA 2010 preconference

Resource Description and Access ... how did we get here? by Sue Andrews PDF
RDA : Game On! by Linda Woodcock
Changes from AACR2 to RDA: A comparison of examples, by Adam L. Schiff PDF

Sessions sponsored by CLA

Introduction to RDA (March 2011): mash-up of 3 Chris Oliver presentations, by Alison Hitchens caslis_intro_march_2011_rev.pptx
Understanding FRBR and FRAD in RDA (March 2011), by Alison Hitchens frbr_caslis_march_2011_rev.pptx
CASLIS FRBR exerices and answers (March 2011) CASLIS_FRBR_exerices_march_2011.doc and CASLIS_FRBR_answers_march_2011.doc
Workshop wrap-up for CASLIS (March 2011) by Alison Hitchens wrap_up_caslis_march_2011_rev.pptx

RDA 101: getting to know Resource, Description and Access (March 2010), by Alison Hitchens PDF

The framework: structure, principles, basic concepts, by Chris Oliver
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The future of cataloguing, by Chris Oliver
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What and why, by Chris Oliver
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Cataloguing with RDA, by Trina Grover PPT with notes (updated March 2011)

Recommended Resources

NISO webinar: Bibliographic control alphabet soup: AACR to RDA and evolution of MARC
see in particular the flash slide Database/Format Scenarios which illustrates a possible scenario for the storage and linking of bibligraphic data

Webcasts by Barbabra Tillett:

Resource Description and Access: Background/Overview. May 14, 2008

Cataloging Principles and RDA. June 10, 2008

FRBR: What You Need to Know But Were Afraid to Ask. March 4, 2009

RDA Changes from AACR2 for Texts. January 12, 2010