Welcome to the RDA CAnadian Knowledge Exchange

This wiki is a place for Canadians to collaborate on RDA projects, share ideas and plans for implementation, and to temporarily store and share training materials and workflow documentation. After implementation the materials will be moved to a permanent location, most likely on the CLA website. Regardless of the final address, the materials will be accessible to all.

Given the geography and population distribution in Canada, making training materials available on the web is an important part of Canada's implementation of RDA.

You are welcome to use the information and documents for non-commercial purposes, as per the Creative Commons license parameters.

The sections within this site are listed on the right navigation pane.

Vous pourriez être intéressé par le site francophone du RDA.

Join us, share your ideas and concerns about RDA implementation, and participate in the development of this wiki. You can start now: add a new page, edit an existing page, or send questions and comments to Trina tgrover@ryerson.ca
The cake was served at the June 2010 CC:DA meeting to celebrate the launch.
Photo: D. Fritz, TMQ Inc.